January 31, 2018 11:59 pm

Susan Akbarpour Speaks At The Blockchain Event – In Fort Lauderdale

This February 15th– 16th, Mavatar co-founder Susan Akbarpour will speak at The Blockchain Event in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Bringing together the best minds for a Stateside event on all things Blockchain and how this innovative space creates opportunities for ICOs and cryptocurrencies to garner new customers and add variety to products and services.

Shoppable Content Is Born With mCart

Rich Tehrani, President of TMC, believes mCart has the potential to establish a new revenue model introducing “pull advertising” and monetization of traditional and social media content: 

“Having followed Mavatar for years, I’ve always been impressed with their model which lubricates ecommerce by allowing macro content publishers as well as taste makers to encourage their viewers, fans and followers to purchase from top retailers directly, leveraging their content that can now be make shoppable by mCart revolutionary technology.” Tehrani continued, “With the addition of a cryptocurrency, Mavatar now has a unique model to facilitate the payments from merchants to an entire new class of sales agents.”

The Blockchain East site hits on a few of the topics expected to be discussed:

Blockchain Training

Lecture sessions will include examinations of the different types of distributed ledgers, from permissioned ones to the bitcoin blockchain, detailed explanation of how their networks operate their transaction processing and smart contract features, their methods for establishing consensus and best practises for securing blockchain applications.

Internet of Value

The blockchain will lead to an explosion of tradeable assets across borders at a fraction of the current cost associated with settlement and in virtual real-time. Put simply, it makes transferring value as easy as sending email. This will disrupt commerce and financial institutions to an unprecedented level, including the disintermediation of the financial system, increased global financial inclusion and even being an enabler of the 4th industrial revolution. Explore the potentials of blockchain technology revolutionizing capital markets, trade finance, international and domestic payments and insurance.

Emerging Opportunities

Discover how Blockchain Technology can benefit a wide spectrum of industries. Some applications we will cover include the impact of blockchains in the energy and utilities industry, the media industry, both from a production and distribution perspective, the telecom industry, healthcare, government and the public sector.

January 30, 2018 5:03 am

WBC Summit Round-Up

Co-founder Susan Akbarpour was one of few women at the WBC Summit in Moscow this weekend. To a crowd of top ICO experts and investors, Susan made it clear that the ideas behind many of current meetings and forums from  Davos to  WBC Summit isn’t to regulate blockchain, but create standards that allow investors to distinguish viable methods of crypto from the entities with no real business plan, infrastructure or support to garner profitable results.

Learn about mCart Protocol ICO

Susan with German Klimenko, Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation on Internet Development, The Presidential Executive Office

Susan was the one woman to attend a VIP breakfast with government officials and other crypto world experts on the future of ICOs.

Pictured at the table with Susan are: Vladislav MARTYNOV, Ethereum Center of Competence; German KLIMENKO, Presidential Executive Office; Dr. Mattia L. RATTAGGI, Crypto Valley Association; Sergey GLAZIEV, Presidential Executive Office; Yurii PRIPACHKIN, RACB

How Investors Choose Legitimate ICO

At the Summit closing remarks conducted by Susan Akbarpour and Dr. Mattia L. Rattaggi, Susan explained how investors will navigate the landscape of viable ICO:

“We are not here to regulate blockchain and ICOs with the intention of hammering innovation, we are here to create standards and define metrics that help entrepreneurs to solve real world problems, finding clear utility for tokenizing their platforms. And also to help investors to tell between fraud ICOs and the authentic ones who have solid technology, team and vision for leveraging blockchain. ”

Susan Closes WBC Summit With World Famous Economist Dr. Rattaggi 

Susan gives the closing remark with Dr. Rattaggi.

Of the direction ICO is heading, Dr. Rattaggi said:

“Everyone has visions. My vision for the ICO anticipates the professionalization of this financing practice (“ICO2.0”) compared to last year (“ICO1.0″, meaning by that the incorporation of all regulatory expectations (AML, investor’s protection) and best execution practices (such as technological security standards and governance aspects). My vision also anticipates a normalisation of this practice: ICOs entering the established corporate space via tokenization of corporate ecosystems (allowing for an additional source of funds, cementing the ecosystem on the blockchain, lowering operating costs and, why not, having a token quoted along the more traditional share).”

Dr. Rattaggi continues, “For this to happen, technological hurdles, such as scalability, security, smooth exchanges between cryptocoins and fiat moneys – which are also partly regulatory hurdles – will have to be overcome. I do not see why this should not happen and I do not see why ICO would not establish itself as a financing practice on its own along the more traditional VC, crowdfunding and IPOs. There won t be a revolution but a transformation. Swiss authorities see a huge potential in the blockchain-ICO-Cryptoassets space; they want the market to prosper but without compromising standards or the integrity of the financial markets. They want to strike the right balance between innovation, attracting business and having a stable regulatory environment.”

mCart Protocol co-founder Susan Akbarpour with Lykke Corp founder, Anton Golub and economist Dr. Mattia L. Rattaggi

January 26, 2018 5:11 pm

Top ICOs Convene At WBC Summit

Among the crypto world’s top thought leaders and speakers is Mavatar’s co-founder, Susan Akbarpour. CoinIdol states over the next few days at #WBCSummit, speakers will address some of the major issues of cryptocurrency right now and discuss subjects that directly pertain to the void is addressing.

mCart Maximizes Blockchain Technology For Global Influencers

Blockchain technology is proving to be a powerful tool for transparency in many facets of business, so it is a natural fit for the influencer circuit. When so many established stores and brands want to reach out to their demographic, it’s essential for influencers to be paid appropriate. mCart does just that, implementing the necessary tracking for influencers to see how they are making a difference to a company’s bottomline.

The mCart Difference

Last week, advisor to the President of the Russian Federation, German Klimenko said of mCart:

“Crytopcurrencies are the newest segment of the digital economy, which is developing extremely fast. Interaction of international meetings of experts and market players such as Mavatar are necessary to develop uniform legislative approaches, definitions and standards.”

The summit will also focus on sourcing investors and legal issues surrounding crypto. It is poised to be the most definitive and current source of education and information in the crypto field. Klimenko says:

“The most important and pressing issues of soaring cryptoindustry will be discussed in #WBCSummit. The summit will become the first step of international digital future creation. I believe that participation in #WBCSummit gives an opportunity to get the most actual information and analytics from the first persons of this industry.”

January 15, 2018 9:57 pm

Susan Akbarpour Speaks at WBC Summit — in Moscow

On January 27th, Mavatar co-founder Susan Akbarpour will speak at WBC Summit in Russia. The World Blockchain and Crytocurrency Summit focuses on positive developments in the world of cryptocurrency and currently has over 500 crypto investors and professionals attending the event.

How Blockchain Can Disrupt Commerce and Advertising Industry By Scaling Influence Marketing Worldwide

Susan will speak on the potential of Blockchain, disrupting commerce and advertising industry leveraging a scalable model for influence marketing worldwide. Mavatar’s approach to scalability and transparency in the way content creators receive payment for promoting brick & mortar retailers is sure to disrupt the conventional ways retailers and brands pay ​celebrities, media and Internet personalities. It’s all about giving content creators state of the art tools and the reward they deserve and providing retailers a clear way to see how these creators are making a massive difference in what consumers purchase, watch, read, eat and wear.

“Blockchain also make it easier than ever for retailers of any size anywhere in the world to leverage our easy smart contracts with influencers from every demographic to promote their products,” says co-founder and CEO of Mavatar, Susan Akbarpour. “This maximizes a brand’s marketing dollars and gives them the power to track them to sales dollars and quickly kill inefficient marketing campaigns. The future of influencer marketing is here with mCart.”

Advisor to the President of the Russia on Internet Development, German Klimenko, believes that the digital economy is moving faster than ever:

“Crytopcurrencies are the newest segment of the digital economy, which is developing extremely fast. Interactionof international meetings of experts and market players such as Mavatar are necessary to develop uniform legislative approaches, definitions and standards,” says Klimenko. “Only joined and coordinated actions of all players of the cryptocurrency market can ensure effective growth and security for investments.”

The global Blockchain community has one go-to place for all things cryptocurrency and that’s the WBC Summit. Enlightening sessions will pull back the curtain on the current state of cryptocurrency and how it will spread through the global market with a checks and balances system that allows for total transparency on every front.

This infographic provided by the WBC Summit illustrates how cryptocurrency brings transparency to the market.

How Transparent Is Cryptocurrency Compared To Conventional Currencies?