February 25, 2018 11:38 pm

Three Questions to Ask Before Attending Mavatar’s Upcoming Webinar

Mavatar’s revolutionary omnichannel shopping cart, the mCart, is no ordinary PaaS solution. It has the potential to be one of the most transformative retail technologies we have seen to date, as it brings together marketers, brand influencers and consumers in one centralized location.

mCart by Mavatar: Democratizing Influence Marketing on Blockchain

Thanks to the mCart, the days of siloed online and offline shopping are over. Mavatar makes it possible for consumers to set up digital shopping carts that they can use to purchase products they see online, as well as in real life — from YouTube videos to Instagram posts to print magazine advertisements and everything in between. With an mCart, the whole world can basically be bought and sold over a simple online interface.  

This is a radical new concept, and you probably have a lot of questions about how it works. So before joining Mavatar’s live Webinar on Thursday, March 1 titled “mCart for Retailers,” here’s what we want you to do: Spend a few minutes thinking about how your company currently interacts with its customers. How healthy is this relationship?

CEO and co-founder Susan Akbarpour leads retailers to the future of shopping with the “phygital” experience of mCart by Mavatar.

Here are three questions to ask about your current marketing strategy:

1.  Does anyone actually care about your marketing materials?

If you are in business today, it means your company has value and is probably doing some amazing things. Unfortunately, this may not be shining through with your marketing assets. Far too many companies today are posting articles, pictures and videos online but getting limited visibility and traction.

For instance, take a look at your last Facebook post and assess how effective it really was. Did it actually drive any sales, or was it merely digital clutter in someone’s news feed?

During the webinar, you will learn how to cut through this noise by leveraging powerful brand influencers. Instead of letting your marketing department do the heavy lifting, let the influencers do the work and have your marketing team leverage what they are producing. Rather than producing mostly marketing fluff, you can start leveraging natural, creative content to drive sales.

2.  Is your influencer strategy creating more risk than reward?

If celebrities and brand influencers are already promoting your products online, it’s vital that they are following the rules and giving explicit disclosure to consumers. Right now the U.S. Federal Trade Commission is cracking down on influencer violations, and we can expect this to accelerate moving forward.

In the webinar, you can learn how to use mCarts to see who is promoting your content, so that you can work with them directly — ensuring they follow your guidelines, and are accurately compensated for their work. Mavatar uses the Ethereum blockchain to provide full visibility and transparency for all mCart transactions.

3. Where are your customers coming from?

The vast majority of retail sales today come from bottom of the sales funnel, when customers have already expressed interest in a product, made a decision and determined a course of action. Too many businesses rely solely on bottom of the funnel marketing strategies, ignoring unique customers at the top of the funnel who have not yet discovered their solutions.

On Thursday, you will learn all about how to capture these customers using unique and genuine, user generated shoppable content. Using mCarts, your company can keep its customer base fresh and constantly re-generating—preventing sales slowdowns and ensuring a consistent flow of unique visitors to your digital channels and brick and mortar locations.

You don’t want to miss out on this one of a kind webinar. Attendees, it should be noted, will learn about a two-day by invitation only event occurring in Napa April 20-21, 2018—FREE of charge!

To register for the webinar, click here.


February 23, 2018 12:25 am

Join The Live Webinar: mCarts For Retailers


mCarts for Retailers

Thursday, March 1, 2018

2:00pm ET | 11:00am PT

Participants: Mavatar (Susan, Farokh, Gloria, Janine) and Tim (TMCnet)

mCart by Mavatar enables a seamless online to in-store “phygital” experience for your target consumer.

mCarts revolutionize shopping, sales and advertising through an innovative consumer-centric approach to influence and affiliate marketing. The blockchain-based mCart engine processes & optimizes high volumes of data to streamline the shopper’s journey from discovery to transaction. mCarts, which represent a new paradigm in omnichannel commerce, can naturally expand and increase the effectiveness of your sales & marketing efforts by turning:

  • Shoppers into your sales force;
  • Entreprise partners (social & traditional media, CPGs, procurement sites, malls), into sales channels and marketplaces  partnering with you for monetization of their users and/or content base; empowering shoppers that can instantly buy from impressions they see in social media, magazines, movies, television and other video content; and
  • Any type of content into your brand voice to create a strong emotional connections between your products and consumers.  

mCart empowers retailers to capitalize on the thousands of influencers promoting products from social media, traditional media, TV shows and film.

What Attendees will learn:

  • How mCart is revolutionizing the path to purchase from discovery to fulfillment;
  • How consumers can see a 360 degree view of a company’s products, promotions, preferences, popularity and proximity;
  • How to achieve optimal omnichannel shopping, sales and advertising objectives;  
  • How to acquire unique customers and generate incremental business by reaching influencers in the top tiers of the sales funnel within your OWN brand fences;.
  • How to use integrated blockchain and cryptocurrency tokens to reward influencers with micro payments without adding any back office work; and
  • How to do all of this with no to very low technical integration leveraging Mavatar PaaS solutions.

During this webinar, registered ,participants will learn about a two-day By Invitation Only event taking place  in Napa April 20-21, 2018 FREE OF CHARGE. (A $5,000 value!)

Mavatar is planning its debut at the Crypto Commerce Conference 2018, where the company will demo to mCart’s groundbreaking features and capabilities.

Crypto Commerce Conference Features:

  • Prominent Speakers from the Retail and Crypoto world
  • Dinner Gala and networking events  
  • Wine Country tour to 3 of the most exquisite wineries in the valley  

Who should attend:

  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Retailers
February 21, 2018 2:14 am

Mavatar Shows mCart At The Blockchain Event

CEO Susan Akbarpour participated in two panels last week titled Blockchain Innovation Case Studies, with South Florida Distillers CEO Avi Aisenberg and Fan Controlled Football League CEO Sohrob Farudi, and ICOs: The Next Wave of Investing with Symmetry Blockchain Advisors Co-Founder Deborah Hoffman and Silver Miller Partner David Silver.

Susan Akbarpour with with South Florida Distillers CEO Avi Aisenberg and Fan Controlled Football League CEO Sohrob Farudi

Susan Akbarpour at The Blockchain Event with Symmetry Blockchain Advisors Co-Founder Deborah Hoffman and Silver Miller Partner David Silver

How To Invest Smart In ICO

Susan’s reach at The Blockchain Event went beyond introducing mCart to a new crowd. She also led the discussion on ICO regulation, which currently has none in the U.S. Building on the information shared at WBC Summit a few weeks ago, Susan discussed the vitals of choosing ICO investments, including advanced technology, a competent team and a specific spending cap. The key takeaway? Know that 90% of ICO investments are coming from global sources, which offers some navigation help for later investors.

mCart by Mavatar was a Platinum Sponsor for The Blockchain Event

mCart Technology Simplifies Influencer Marketing Strategies

Mavatar showed everything mCart is capable of at The Blockchain Event in Fort Lauderdale last Thursday. Disrupting the conventional way retailers and brands bring influencers on board means finding a smart, seamless way to channel dollars to the people and voices making a difference in profits for a store or brand.

Who is bringing consumers to a brand and who is making them buy? It’s a tricky arena to navigate, but with mCart technology, retailers are able to maximize their digital advertising dollars by bringing consumers back into stores and reigniting the fun and excitement of discovery from shopping in-store.

mCart’s micropayments gives retailers the power to easily pay influencers their dues for bringing shoppers in to snag a must-have beauty product or hot pair of boots seen on everyone’s favorite Monday night prime time reality series. ‘Influence’ comes in many forms for shoppers these days and that means retailers and brands must recalculate their strategies to bring shoppers into stores.

mCart and Mavatar were a  Platinum Sponsor of The Blockchain Event

Learn more about Susan’s visit to The Blockchain Event in this article featured on customerzone360.

February 19, 2018 7:29 pm

Stanford MBA Students Learn About Mavatar

Thursday night, Mavatar presented a booth for Stanford MBA students interested in learning the new innovative ways tech companies like Facebook, GE Digital, Google and CISCO are bringing to the market. The goal of MSx Company Networking Night is to connect current MSx students with mid-senior level positions at tech companies.

Mavatar was among the many companies showing their technology to Stanford MBA students.

Stanford GSB program director, Virginia Mak, learns about Mavatar’s recent strides.

Mavatar was among the heavy hitters sharing information with Stanford MBA students who learned how the Mavatar platform is disrupting the retail affiliate sales model and bringing transparency to the ecosystem, and wanted to see how they could join Mavatar.  Farokh Mehrshahi, Director of Sales and Partnership spoke to students for a few minutes about Mavatar culture and company’s hiring objectives.

Susan started Mavatar as her research project at GSB and Virginia Mak, like others in the program, clearly remembers her efforts to take as many courses as possible to move forward with the exciting platform to enable to retailers to embrace the future of omnichannel shopping. Our CEO stays active with her alma mater and giving back to the community.

Mavatar booth for information on revolutionizing retail affiliate payment and ICO.

On Susan’s LinkedIn page, Marie Mookini, co-founder and advisor of the The Ad mission Advisory Group, who served as the Director of Stanford Sloan Master’s Program articulates the ways Susan uses her skills to grow Mavatar’s reach. Marie says, “Susan is a class act — whether as an intellectually curious student in the classroom, as a social connector so enthusiastically tightening the bonds of her classmates scattered across the globe, and as a successful entrepreneur whose dogged persistence and optimism is inspirational!”

February 16, 2018 3:08 pm

Sharing Industry Use Cases at The Blockchain Event

When you think of blockchain technology, chances are likely security comes to mind as the top use case. But as we learned at The Blockchain Event today in Ft. Lauderdale during a panel titled Blockchain Innovation Case Studies, the technology is so much more than that.

The panel, which was moderated by TMC Editorial Director Erik Linask, featured Mavatar CEO Susan Akbarpour, South Florida Distillers CEO Avi Aisenberg and Blockchain Talent-In CEO Patrick Murphy —three individuals who are disrupting their industries using this exciting and evolving technology.

The panel featured Mavatar CEO Susan Akbarpour, South Florida Distillers CEO Avi Aisenberg and Blockchain Talent-In CEO Patrick Murphy

Mavatar, for instance, is using blockchain to close the gap between online and offline sales. As Akbarpour explained, advertisers are wasting at least 60 percent of their marketing budgets on outdated advertising strategies that produce little returns on their investments. Most marketing departments are being weighed down by phony metrics that are more distracting than they are worth. At the same time, companies are failing to utilize their most effective influencers, who are posting shoppable content in the form of videos, pictures, articles and more.

Mavatar has created a way for companies to effectively maximize their most effective influencers, over a platform that uses blockchain to cost-effectively process large volumes of micro payments.

“There is a [tremendous opportunity] for blockchain for processing micro payments and settlements,” Akbarpour explained during the panel, adding that blockchain can eliminate “anything that requires a lot of back office services or middlemen. Now,” she explained, “We can have a centralized system take care of influencer payments rather than people sitting in accounting departments writing checks and making mistakes.”

Mavatar’s mCart solution allows shoppers and influencers to create their own store-agnostic shopping carts, which can be posted and shared with online audiences.

Susan at The Blockchain Event explaining how brick-and-mortar retailers can utilize mCart.

South Florida Distillers, meanwhile, is using the excess heat from its cryptocurrency miners to aid in the production of high proof, distilled ethanol. And Talent-In is using blockchain to overhaul the recruiting process. Murphy hopes to streamline recruiting with blockchain’s visibility element, by offering recruiters access to open ledgers that tell job hunters’ actual histories.

This is just a small sample of what you will experience at The Blockchain Event, which runs through today . To register, click here.

This article originally appeared on 2/16

February 14, 2018 9:46 pm

Susan Akbarpour Speaks At Modern Data Management Summit This Month

Later this month, Susan Akbarpour joins a roster of some of the world’s top analytical professionals speaking at Modern Data Management Summit on February 26th. Focusing on how blockchain will dramatically change the way influencer marketing is utilized by brands and stores. Monetizing influence will become transparent, giving both influencers and brands further reach in their marketing endeavors. Susan will give a talk over Blockchain In Retail Advertisement.

February 26th, Mavatar CEO Susan Akbarpour speaks at Modern Data Management Summit.

How Can Retail Seamlessly Adopt Blockchain?

Despite the fact that influencer marketing is one of the most effective channels for reaching shoppers and the fastest growing due to shopper behavior changes, the adoption of the channel has been full of challenges for both retailers and influencers.

However, due to a lack of transparent and verifiable data and the potential presence of bad actors, each party is forced to fend for themselves: influencers are incentivized to claim contribution to every sale while retailers and marketplace operators are incentivized to dispute these claims and avoid paying for any sales.

Blockchain And Influencer Marketing 

Blockchain technology has been revolutionary by allowing anyone to own and transfer assets across an open financial network without the need for a trusted third party.

This vision is being achieved by leveraging a series of smart contracts for decentralized influencer marketing attribution on the Ethereum blockchain. Using these smart contracts, marketers and influencers will be able to transparently and verifiably collaborate while giving each participant the right financial incentives to participate in the ecosystem.

February 13, 2018 8:00 pm

Mavatar Appoints Four New Members to Advisory Board

Advisory Board To Provide Strategic Technological and Business Insight for ICO and Beyond

Menlo Park, CA – February 9, 2018 – Mavatar today announced four new members have joined the company’s Advisory Board to help the company’s  groundbreaking  efforts in transforming retail and advertising industries in all facets including sale to enterprise customers, blockchain integration and ICO. They include Emmanuel Abiodun, Architect (VP) Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service; Sara Azadi, EVP, Managing Director at Edelman; Claudio Ludovisi, former Vice President, Head of Strategy & Business Planning, ABC Entertainment; and Dr. Sachio Semmoto, Chairman and CEO of eAccess and eMobile.

A Board Experienced In All Arenas Empowers Trust In mCart

The Advisory Board will provide supplementary insight for Mavatar. Mr. Abiodun, for instance, who was a co-founder of PeerNova, has been immersed in Blockchain since its early days.

“We’re seeing an accelerated effort to implement this disruptive technology in all major industry sectors,” says Abidun.” Smart contracts and blockchain instill trust whilst also offering flexibility. I see a place where smart contacts govern a lot of future agreements in the ad space without intermediaries, and mCart is a perfect example of this.”

The Future Of Monetizing Influencer Marketing 

Azadi, who has over a decade of experience in brand consultancy, thinks should cryptocurrency-powered mCarts become an industry standard, shoppable content will replace push model advertising by allowing marketers to track influence down to actual sales dollars.

“Advertising alone won’t move consumers to buy and we know consumers want to buy from someone they trust,” explains Azadi. “For influencer marketing to be effective, we need a system that accurately attributes who moved a consumer to purchase. This would allow retailers to move away from the default marketing methodologies of last click attribution.”

Merging Big Media With Its Influencer Reach

Claudio Ludovisi, who previously served as VP, Head of Strategy and Business Planning at ABC Entertainment and SVP, Operational Strategy, Marketing and Digital at NBC Entertainment, also foresees the end of subscriptions and push marketing, and the rise of video.

“Networks and content providers recognize what they do shapes trends for products,” says Ludovisi. “This is true not only for big studios, but also for television and other IP’s which cannot compete on a Walmart shelf against a major film or classic franchise. To date, several digitally enabled “shop the show” solutions have sprung up and are pitching entertainment companies, but building a significant revenue stream has proven challenging and complex. Mavatar solves all that complexity, providing a substantial additional revenue stream for television and video makers.”

ICO Investors Can Trust

A pioneer for Japanese telecom,, Dr. Sachio Semmoto has taken several companies public. Semmoto has served as Executive Officer of KDDI Corporation and is a Co-founder and Trustee of the Japan Academic Society for Ventures and Entrepreneurs. Semmoto is committed to building investor trust.

“Many countries have already identified ICOs as a high risk to investors,” Semmoto says. “We want to create an environment where ICO maintains its transparent edge while also having a solid plan for growth that investors can depend on when identifying any viable investment.”

Mavatar is preparing to resume its ICO pre-sale of mCart Token , after receiving contribution from premier asset management and venture capital companies such as CollinStar Capital, Blockchain Ventures, Candou Ventures and  as well as other professional investors and entrepreneurs specializing in digital assets, cryptocurrency and Blockchain enabled infrastructure.

To join the mCart ICO whitelist, click here.

About Mavatar

mCart protocol by Mavatar is a decentralized influencer marketing attribution platform that addresses the needs of shoppers, influencers, and marketers by leveraging the smart contract capabilities of the Ethereum blockchain. Using these smart contracts, marketers and influencers will be able to transparently and verifiably collaborate while giving each participant the right financial incentives to participate in the ecosystem.

Underlying mCart platform is a smart, social, omnichannel, monetizable platform, which integrates seamlessly with brick & mortars’ eCommerce engines to close the gap between online and offline sales, shopping and advertising.


February 13, 2018 5:03 pm

Morgan Stanley’s Deer Valley Summit Welcomes Mavatar CEO Susan Akbarpour

Last weekend, a group of CEOs, board members and senior executives from over 140 top public and private technology companies gathered for the Annual Morgan Stanley Deer Valley Technology Leaders’ Summit. Each year, the three-day, invitation-only event — which has been called the Davos of the tech world —brings together the best minds in technology to network and brainstorm and on critical topics like bringing diversity to boardrooms, regulations and new paradigm shifts.

Both CEO Susan Akbarpour and Emmanuel Abiodun, mCart adviser and Oracle Blockchain Architect (VP), were in attendance.

Susan Akbarpour, Emmanuel Abiodun and other panelists

Who Was There
This year, Mavatar CEO Susan Akbarpour was one of 15 speakers on an impressive list that featured Mark Cuban, Marissa Mayer and Arianna Huffington. Akbarpour joined an Executive Interactive Roundtable, “Blockchain and Crypto: What it Means for Tech Companies” with one of Oracle’s lead Blockchain Architects, Emmanuel Abiodun and Bain Capital Ventures Managing Director Enrique Salem. The event was moderated by Tiffany Luck, Investment Banking Associate — Technology Group at Morgan Stanley.

Susan with Arianna Huffington, Founder and CEO at Thrive Global and Founder of Huffington Post


Susan Akbarpour & Mark Cuban

Pegah Ebrahimi, COO of Morgan Stanley, Global Blockchain Technology; Marissa Mayer, COO of Yahoo and with Susan Akbarpour

Can Blockchain Disrupt Wall Street?
On Saturday, it should be noted, Huffington spoke during a panel titled “Blockchain and Crypto,” and gave a fresh perspective on how blockchain can affect the Wall Street world by removing bottlenecks of micro payments, middlemen, unnecessary layers of communication and fees in a fast, transparent and secure way.

Emmanuel and Susan before the round table discussion.

 To learn more about how Mavatar is using blockchain to disrupt retail,
click here.
February 9, 2018 6:47 pm

Why the Retail Apocalypse May Not Happen

Let’s face it: The past 10 years in retail have not been pretty. A variety of economic factors, along with the rise of e-commerce, have led to the closure of thousands of American brick and mortar stores.

Last year, for instance, about 7,000 stores closed while Moody’s reported that 13.5 percent of its retail and apparel portfolio was distressed (compared to 16 percent during the Great Recession). According to Moody’s, retailers are now filing for bankruptcy at a record rate. Last year we saw major brands like Toys R Us, RadioShack, Payless and many others all file for bankruptcy which was very alarming. solves problems in the brick-and-mortar and digital shopping space for retailers of every size.

Where Is Retail Headed?

Now, some experts are wondering if this is really just the beginning of the “retail apocalypse.”

Here is our take on the matter:

Instead of thinking of this as the end of retail, think of it as the end of an era.

Retail, in other words, isn’t going anywhere. There will always be strong demand for brick and mortar services. It’s difficult to fathom a future where everything is delivered online. People who love to shop will always seek out physical places where they can walk around, sample products and have traditional shopping experiences. There are some experiences that simply cannot be replicated online — even as we continue to see advancements in virtual and augmented reality.  We have all had the experience of needing to buy a last-minute gift or item. And during emergencies, it’s always better to have options. Imagine ruining a wedding dress an right before reception and needing to buy another one in less than an hour!

E-Commerce Continues To Grow At Lightning Speed

At the same time, market conditions and consumer preferences are rapidly changing as we move deeper into the digital era. A survival of the fittest, music and video rental scenario is taking place in retail, where tech-savvy and data-driven companies are rising to the top and companies that refuse to change are becoming extinct.

For retailers today, survival today requires having access to real-time communication and transparency with brand influencers, marketing and sales associates and customers as well as a better understanding of how consumers are behaving offline. In the past, for instance, it may have been enough to simply purchase advertising space in a magazine. Now, businesses can embed trackable mCarts into physical print publications to simplify and shorten the purchasing experience.

Retail Isn’t Over; It’s Just Changing — Dramatically

So don’t get dismayed when you hear the words “retail apocalypse.” The truth is that there has never been a better time to be a retailer due to the abundance of innovative digital solutions that are available from companies like Mavatar. Retail isn’t ending — it’s just changing, and for the better.

To learn more about how Mavatar can help your business adapt, click here.

February 9, 2018 4:31 pm

How Amazon Is Changing Brick-and-Mortar Retail

Last month, Amazon introduced a new experiment that could potentially disrupt the global retail landscape.

How Does Amazon Go Work?

On Feb. 22, the ecommerce giant — which alone generated about 4 percent of all U.S. retail sales in 2017 — opened its first brick and mortar convenience store in Seattle. The 1,800 sq. ft store, Amazon Go, is unique in that it has no cashiers or checkout lines. It’s a completely connected facility that uses sensors and cameras to monitor customers and bill them for transactions.

You may recall Panasonic’s robotic checkout system, which scans and bags groceries. Amazon Go is a major advancement, as customers don’t even need to scan items or even take out a phone. The store’s sensors communicate with the Amazon Go app, and automatically charge customers when they leave the store.

Will Consumers Adopt The In-Store E-Pay Experience?

Regardless of how Amazon Go pans out, it clearly raises the bar in the brick and mortar retail industry. The industry is becoming increasingly automated, connected and consumer-centric. Amazon has introduced a new shopping method that is completely seamless for consumers, and you can bet that other retailers are taking notice. Expect a trickle down effect to happen, as competitors look to streamline their own operations and shorten the path to purchase for consumers.

Mavatar mCart Technology Means Seamless E-Pay To Any Brick-and-Mortar Store

The good news is that recent advancements in the platform as a service industry make it easier for brick and mortar retailers to get started. One company that is making waves in this space, for instance, is Mavatar which offers a platform that simplifies and shortens the path to purchase for consumers. The product, mCart, allows customers to create personal carts and fill them with products from a variety of locations. Using mCart, customers can even share their products or pay for them from a centralized location.

The key takeaway here is that the industry is changing, and retailers would be well-advised to start seeking new methods of connecting with consumers and streamlining the shopping experience. This trend will only accelerate in the coming months.