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March 15, 2020 9:12 pm

Cancelled or Paused Campaigns Icon on mCarts & mCart products

Once in a while as an influencer you may see an mCart icon with an exclamation mark here and there that leads to this message: 

That means that you have the privilege to see the products from the stores that don’t pay commission to marketplaces and influencers anymore or for some reason have paused their campaign. 

What a “Cancel and Paused Campaign” means to shoppers and influencers.

Shoppers and influencers simply don’t see those products  in the marketplace or in other influencers’ featured mCarts. However they see them in their own mCarts and can even access the product page although disabled, and only shows the lookalikes of the product in other stores. To support mCart influencers community we suggest:  

  • If they are marked “cancelled campaign”, we suggest that influencers change all of those products with similar products in other stores to maximize their commissions. 
  • If they have paused the contract, we recommend to wait for a while but keep an  eye out for those products, as after a while a paused campaign may turn to a cancelled one. 

What Should I do?

To make the life of influencers easy and for them to quickly find all the mCarts containing these products that may have sat behind different types of content in their social & traditional media but are not acquiring commission for them. These are a few easy way to change the products to commission acquiring products:

  1. Through My mCarts tab:


      • Go to my mCart > Filter based on Stores view to see all the inactive products in all of your featured mCarts

      • Click on the stores’ tiles that are marked with the mCart with exclamation marks and see all the products within the correspondent mCarts.

      • Find the lookalikes of that product in other stores who are still paying commission and simply add them to the mCart(s) and delete products from those inactive stores. Even if you keep them no one can see them anyway.

  1. Via image search

  • You can use the mCart novel image search option to find look a likes of those products by uploading the product picture into the search box and by clicking on the camera icon 


December 5, 2019 10:05 pm

How and Why Should I Complete My mCart Global Influencer Profile?

Once you’ve applied and been accepted to be an mCart Global Influencer, you should receive an email confirming your acceptance. (If you still need to apply you can do so here.)

The next step to monetizing all your content with the mCart Global Influencer Platform is to fill out your profile information and apply to mCart marketplaces through your dashboard’s My Marketplaces. With a filled out profile, also mCart marketplace operators can learn more about you here, making it more likely that they’ll recruit you as a featured influencer! 

You can access your Global Influencer profile here.

Filling in your profile info is easy, and even easier if you follow this guide! 

1. Add a Profile Picture
This will be the first thing that marketplace operators see when they look at your profile, so make sure it’s a good one that represents you well!
where you can add your profile photo from the Global Influencer dashboard

2. Change Any Details You Want Reflected in Your Profile
There’s already information in here from what you provided when you applied for the Global Influencer Platform. You can also change anything you’d like and add a short bio for marketplace operators to see and to show up on your profile across mCart marketplaces.
change details in your mCart Global Infuencer profile

3. Let us know your interests
There will already be some interests in here from what you filled in when you applied to the Global Influencer Platform.choose your Global Influencer interests

4. Select the Notifications You Want to Receive 
Provide us with some basic info about you and your online presence so we can get in touch with you soon with your Global Influencer status!
select Global Influencer notification preferences

5. Save!
Don’t let your edits to your profile go to waste. Click save at the top of the page to make your changes permanent.
click the save button to keep your changes

That’s it! By filling in this basic info you can apply to and get recruited by all the mCart marketplaces and start monetizing all your content with affiliate sales. 

Ready to start editing your mCart Global Influencer profile? 

Edit My Profile


November 27, 2019 9:50 pm

How to Become an mCart Global Influencer

Ready to turn your followers and content into revenue? It’s easy with the mCart Global Influencer Platform

Applying for the Global Influencer Platform is easy. You just need to fill in this 5 minute application to tell us a bit about yourself and which marketplaces you’d like to be part of. 

See our walkthrough of the Global Influencer Platform sign-up form below. And if you’re ready to get started, you can apply to be a Global Influencer here.


1. Get Started
Just click the Get Started button to begin.
apply to be mCart Global Influencer

2. Fill in Your Interests
Let us know your interests so that we can pair you with relevant marketplaces as more come out.
Select your interests for the mCart Global Influencer Platform

3. Apply to Marketplaces
Let us know which mCart marketplaces you’d like to be part of. Also be sure to click I want to be a Global Influencer!
choose your marketplaces for the mCart Global Influencer Platform

4. Provide your Contact Info and We’ll be in Touch! 
Provide us with some basic info about you and your online presence so we can get in touch with you soon with your Global Influencer status!
mCart Global Influencer Platform registration

Ready to become a mCart Global Influencer?

Apply Here


October 18, 2019 11:10 pm

What is the mCart Global Influencer Platform?


The Global Influencer Platform connects you to the network of mCart marketplaces. From the mCart Global Influencer Platform, you can make money from you influence on social media and in the physical world by promoting your content across the whole mCart network. 

For every sale coming from mCarts connected to their content, the influencers receive an affiliate sales commission from the retailers’ whose products are featured in the content. 

Platform Core Features

  1. Join Multiple Marketplaces: Apply to and get recruited by the network of mCart marketplaces
  2. Share Your mCarts: Connect your mCarts to all your content using QR codes, URL, website plugins and more. 
  3. Track Your Sales: Use the platform’s analytics to see which of your mCarts are driving the most sales and engagement.
  4. Cash Out Your Commission: Using the mCart blockchain affiliate sales system to cash out your affiliate sales system to USDC and then cash.

Why Join the mCart Global Influencer Platform? 

The mCart Global Influencer Platform provides a revolutionary new way to connect your content to shopping and getting compensated for all the sales your content drives. 

There are other affiliate marketing platforms out there, but the mCart Global Influencer Platform is the only one that is built into the marketplaces it works on top of and is powered by blockchain. 

This means it’s easier than ever to connect your content to shopping opportunities for your fans and followers. And the blockchain system powering the Global Influencer Platform means that there are no middle men taking a piece of your commissions along the way or bottlenecks slowing you down from cashing out. 

Are You Ready to Become a mCart Global Influencer?

Apply to be an mCart Global Influencer Now