October 18, 2019 11:10 pm

What is the mCart Global Influencer Platform?


The Global Influencer Platform connects you to the network of mCart marketplaces. From the mCart Global Influencer Platform, you can make money from you influence on social media and in the physical world by promoting your content across the whole mCart network. 

For every sale coming from mCarts connected to their content, the influencers receive an affiliate sales commission from the retailers’ whose products are featured in the content. 

Platform Core Features

  1. Join Multiple Marketplaces: Apply to and get recruited by the network of mCart marketplaces
  2. Share Your mCarts: Connect your mCarts to all your content using QR codes, URL, website plugins and more. 
  3. Track Your Sales: Use the platform’s analytics to see which of your mCarts are driving the most sales and engagement.
  4. Cash Out Your Commission: Using the mCart blockchain affiliate sales system to cash out your affiliate sales system to USDC and then cash.

Why Join the mCart Global Influencer Platform? 

The mCart Global Influencer Platform provides a revolutionary new way to connect your content to shopping and getting compensated for all the sales your content drives. 

There are other affiliate marketing platforms out there, but the mCart Global Influencer Platform is the only one that is built into the marketplaces it works on top of and is powered by blockchain. 

This means it’s easier than ever to connect your content to shopping opportunities for your fans and followers. And the blockchain system powering the Global Influencer Platform means that there are no middle men taking a piece of your commissions along the way or bottlenecks slowing you down from cashing out. 

Are You Ready to Become a mCart Global Influencer?

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