December 5, 2019 10:05 pm

How and Why Should I Complete My mCart Global Influencer Profile?

Once you’ve applied and been accepted to be an mCart Global Influencer, you should receive an email confirming your acceptance. (If you still need to apply you can do so here.)

The next step to monetizing all your content with the mCart Global Influencer Platform is to fill out your profile information and apply to mCart marketplaces through your dashboard’s My Marketplaces. With a filled out profile, also mCart marketplace operators can learn more about you here, making it more likely that they’ll recruit you as a featured influencer! 

You can access your Global Influencer profile here.

Filling in your profile info is easy, and even easier if you follow this guide! 

1. Add a Profile Picture
This will be the first thing that marketplace operators see when they look at your profile, so make sure it’s a good one that represents you well!
where you can add your profile photo from the Global Influencer dashboard

2. Change Any Details You Want Reflected in Your Profile
There’s already information in here from what you provided when you applied for the Global Influencer Platform. You can also change anything you’d like and add a short bio for marketplace operators to see and to show up on your profile across mCart marketplaces.
change details in your mCart Global Infuencer profile

3. Let us know your interests
There will already be some interests in here from what you filled in when you applied to the Global Influencer Platform.choose your Global Influencer interests

4. Select the Notifications You Want to Receive 
Provide us with some basic info about you and your online presence so we can get in touch with you soon with your Global Influencer status!
select Global Influencer notification preferences

5. Save!
Don’t let your edits to your profile go to waste. Click save at the top of the page to make your changes permanent.
click the save button to keep your changes

That’s it! By filling in this basic info you can apply to and get recruited by all the mCart marketplaces and start monetizing all your content with affiliate sales. 

Ready to start editing your mCart Global Influencer profile? 

Edit My Profile


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