September 19, 2018 12:00 pm

FX Group soft launch for mCart-powered platform aims to make the red carpet shoppable

Last night influencers along with executives from MasterCard and Evite, joined us for the  soft launch of the FX Group marketplace, powered by mCart. FX Group is a creative agency poised to ignite shoppable content in every medium with mCart’s stellar technology.

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On FX Group CEO Kristian Krempel, Mavatar co-founder and CEO Susan Akbarpour says, “He is someone who has his hand behind the content.”

The FX Group Aims to Monetize the Red Carpet

Krempel says, “They [major awards show] do a large red carpet build-up but it’s not monetized in any way, shape or form. [mCart] creates transparency immediately. I believe this is the next revolution and if the rest of Hollywood catches up at our pace, we’ll see.”

Lauded by industry insider publications like Fashionista, Apparel Resources, WWD, Fashion News and others we’re thrilled to offer the first marketplace for everyone from micro to mega influencers to use mCarts to make the most of their original content in any medium.

mCart is the Future of Influence Marketing and Advertising

mCart leverages AI and blockchain technology to introduce fairness, transparency and speed to maximize the reach of Content Publishers like you, who are truly responsible for influencing shoppers. The mCart platform provides all the necessary tools such as coupon validation, rebate, price drop alerts, look-a-likes, product locator, and over 100 innovative acquisition, retention and monetization features. Each of these features is designed to stop third-party tools publishers from replacing the content publisher’s cookies in the penultimate step, a practice that has contributed to a drastic margin of error in attribution analysis.

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