September 10, 2019 4:12 pm

Turning the World into a One Connected Mall to Achieve Consumer-Centric Commerce



Mavatar CEO and Co-Founder, Susan Akbarpour is all set to present at the Technology Runway at this year’s ICSC RECon Asia-Pacific in Singapore, on October 23rd, between 12-1pm.

Susan’s talk will cover how blockchain can revolutionize the retail real estate industry by closing the gap between offline and online and turning the world to a connected mall leveraging user-generated advertising. She will elaborate on how shortening the path to purchase from discovery to transaction by processing a massive amount of data for and by consumers will empower them and expedites decision-making process much more effectively than current push advertising models. 

Susan will cover new models for increasing sales per square foot and decreasing the cost of sales in a drastic fashion. She will elaborate how the mCart platform is the foundation of a consumer-centric and transparent commerce where blockchain helps distribute the created value among the main constituencies of the supply chain that influence transactions, removing middlemen, phony metrics and bot-generated click-throughs to the end the era of push advertising

In attendance will be 350 key decision-makers from across more than 25 countries. The event will be supported by the Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore Retailers Association, Malaysia Shopping Malls Association, and Japan Council of Shopping Centers.

The Technology Runway will cover emerging trends in retail technologies, have live demonstrations and hands-on access to products.


About ICSC RECon Asia-Pacific

ICSC is the largest trade organization in the world for retail and commercial real estate, and brings together the largest and most influential retail and real estate companies. ICSC RECON will include some of the largest players in Asia.

This year’s ICSC RECon Asia-Pacific is themed “The Space, Place and Future of the Retail Experience.” The event, which runs from October 21-23 in Singapore’s Raffles City Convention Center, is the Asia-Pacific region’s premier and largest event for networking in the retail and commercial real estate space. RECon brings together regional leaders for networking, discussion of the latest trends, and learning from industry leaders.

You can find out more about Susan’s talk at RECon Asia-Pacific and everything mCart and Mavatar on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. 


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