Susan Akbarpour Speaks At The Blockchain Event – In Fort Lauderdale

This February 15th– 16th, Mavatar co-founder Susan Akbarpour will speak at The Blockchain Event in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Bringing together the best minds for a Stateside event on all things Blockchain and how this innovative space creates opportunities for ICOs and cryptocurrencies to garner new customers and add variety to products and services.

Shoppable Content Is Born With mCart

Rich Tehrani, President of TMC, believes mCart has the potential to establish a new revenue model introducing “pull advertising” and monetization of traditional and social media content: 

“Having followed Mavatar for years, I’ve always been impressed with their model which lubricates ecommerce by allowing macro content publishers as well as taste makers to encourage their viewers, fans and followers to purchase from top retailers directly, leveraging their content that can now be make shoppable by mCart revolutionary technology.” Tehrani continued, “With the addition of a cryptocurrency, Mavatar now has a unique model to facilitate the payments from merchants to an entire new class of sales agents.”

The Blockchain East site hits on a few of the topics expected to be discussed:

Blockchain Training

Lecture sessions will include examinations of the different types of distributed ledgers, from permissioned ones to the bitcoin blockchain, detailed explanation of how their networks operate their transaction processing and smart contract features, their methods for establishing consensus and best practises for securing blockchain applications.

Internet of Value

The blockchain will lead to an explosion of tradeable assets across borders at a fraction of the current cost associated with settlement and in virtual real-time. Put simply, it makes transferring value as easy as sending email. This will disrupt commerce and financial institutions to an unprecedented level, including the disintermediation of the financial system, increased global financial inclusion and even being an enabler of the 4th industrial revolution. Explore the potentials of blockchain technology revolutionizing capital markets, trade finance, international and domestic payments and insurance.

Emerging Opportunities

Discover how Blockchain Technology can benefit a wide spectrum of industries. Some applications we will cover include the impact of blockchains in the energy and utilities industry, the media industry, both from a production and distribution perspective, the telecom industry, healthcare, government and the public sector.

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