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Most recently Fashionista shared the exciting news: mCart is making the red carpet shoppable! Read more here

CEO Susan Akbarpour explains the power of organic content and mCart’s C-Commerce philosophy ICSC RECon

How will C-Commerce frame the future of shoppable content?

Mavatar CEO Susan Akbarpour breaks down the changes we’re seeing in influencer marketing and how traditional marketplaces such as malls can maximize social media and product sharing with mCart.

The Future of Retail

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FX Group Makes the Red Carpet Shoppable with Blockchain-Based mCart Marketplace-as-a-Service

Menlo Park, CA – June 15, 2018 – mCart by Mavatar, the leading technology company for SaaS and PaaS blockchain based solutions that change the way people shop, sell and advertise, announces the launch of the world’s first decentralized mCart marketplace by the FX Group.

FX Group taps mCart by Mavatar to make the red carpet shoppable for major awards shows like the Grammys and Billboard Music Awards.
 mCart marketplaces leverage content, blockchain and AI to fuel affiliate sales and CTR (cost per transaction) attribution model. The mCart marketplaces are designed to address the different needs of shoppers, influencers and brick and mortar retailers. Using smart contracts, all participants will be able to transparently and verifiably collaborate while also giving each the right financial incentives to participate in their respective ecosystem.

The FX Group an award winning marketing partner & advisory firm that manages some of Hollywood’s most influential brands in the award show space including Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Miss America & United States Polo Association.

  “FX Group and its ecosystem are the natural fit for adopting the first mCart marketplace,“said Susan Akbarpour, Co-Founder and CEO of Mavatar. “The FX Group’s customers are the true examples of “macro influencers” or mainstream media including TV, movies, magazines and red carpet shows whose power of storytelling set the trends and influence millions of  consumers every second. Their content resonates with the consumer, creates emotional connection between consumers and products and prompts them to buy. It is not by chance that that traditional affiliate and advertising networks could not effectively monetize this mainstream media’s rich content or track their influence to sales dollars in real time. Outdated technologies and attribution models can not remotely take a lead in this crucial time

“Media and motion picture industries have been struggling with the monetization of content as subscription and push advertising models are failing,” said Kristian Krempel, President of FX Group. “Our customers have been looking for smart and wholesome products such as mCart for the past few years but finding an adequate platform was not an easy task. In fact, FX Group had a similar vision and we are happy that our paths crossed with the Mavatar team. Their innovative solution will definitely change the direction of many industries with this disruptive technology and frankly fresh mindset of Consumer-Centric Commerce.”

 The mCart Marketplace will:

●      Enable shoppers to socialize their great experiences turning their followers into more buyers

●      Offer the data needed to make smart marketing decisions, provide bundled discounts and improve customer experience with stellar technology

●      Create trust between brands, influencers and shoppers with powerful marketing on the blockchain, which offers total transparency for all parties. mCart data enables brands and influencers to see what product is selling, where and how much — all in real time.

●      Overcome GDPR challenges with an inherently GDPR compliant user generated advertising model .


About mCart:

mCart by Mavatar is a decentralized marketplace/influencer marketing attribution platform that addresses the needs of shoppers, influencers, and marketers by leveraging blockchain. Using smart contracts, marketers, influencers, and shoppers will be able to transparently and verifiably collaborate while giving each participant the right financial incentives to participate in the ecosystem. mCart is headquartered in Menlo Park, California. Connect with us at, on Twitter @mcartprotocol, our blog or Facebook.


About The FX Group:

FX Group is made up of creators, artists, writers, editors, producers, photographers and filmmakers. Additionally, they are brand strategists, data analysts, media planners, designers and ambassadors obsessed with keeping their partners happy. The FX Group creates and distributes in all mediums, and on all channels—always referring to the analytics of the brand to determine the best path forward. They partner with some of the most iconic brands in the world, and use quality content to establish a voice for their clients and build better relationships.

3 Ways to Make Your ICO Marketing Campaign Stand Out

If you think choosing an ICO to invest in is tough — try marketing one. With the influx of ICOs on the market, it’s become harder than ever to distinguish yourself from the baseless and phonies out there. Scamming is abundant among ICOs and real people are putting their real investment into these false promises. Because of the global reach of ICOs, it’s become easy for makeshift companies to poise themselves as legitimate and take the money and run. In the world of ICOs, a scam is when the money collected during an ICO presale or public sale is stolen, failed to deliver their vision and the organizers behind said ICO vanish. According to 59% of them are effectively dead already.

Learn smart ways to set your ICO apart from the rest.

Some of these companies do yield red flags that sophisticated investors spot. A company may make an unusually high promises for ROI without a thorough risk analysis, but in many cases, the entire operation reads legit from the outside.

Buzzed-About ICOs Aren’t Always Safe

In the case of Benebit, a highly buzzed-about ICO of 2017, things like a White Paper and healthy Telegram community were all in check — yet the people behind it made off with 2.7 million dollars. When well-funded ICO scams are checking all of the boxes, being able to afford absurdly high cost marketing campaigns, it becomes difficult for legitimate ICOs to garner the attention and interest needed for a success.

  1. Show how your ICO will be utilized. Distinguish yourself from everyone by citing what your product offer — and do it often. How is your token ICO filling a void and how will be utilized by real users reliant on any other sources of investment or revenue models than your company ICO’s proceeds. If so, how is your token removing a bottleneck out of your technology and making it easier, more efficient and more scalable than your traditional approach? Ideally, these are the questions an ICO should be able to answer quickly. Answers to these questions means you have an ICO that is reliant on a product, users base and a market that are always moving, growing and are capable to fund your vision. mCart by Mavatar answers these questions for brick & mortar retailers currently making outdated affiliate sales and phony advertising models irrelevant without imposing enduring back-office bottleneck of accounting for micropayments. Streamlining this model with mCart tokens empowers the retailer to reduce their workload and drive the new breed of sales people: from major social media influencers to traditional media to every shopper promoting their favorite products with family, friends and fans. With a whopping 51% of mobile time spent on media sites, device agnostic mCarts also allow publishers and media companies to monetize user-generated and professional content without relying on the cluttered space of affiliate sales or GDPR non-compliant advertising models.
  2. Illustrate the ways your ICO is legit. While a roster of seasoned industry professionals on your advisory board and not recycled figures, showing up in every ICO homepage can improve your profile and ensures the public sees you as an ICO with a trustworthy team, your management shouldn’t be afraid or shy away from public presentation. Be armed with the answers to questions people will ask when trying to poke holes in an ICO. No successful company pops up overnight (even if journalists enjoy painting this narrative for reader-appeal). Most sustainable success comes via years of work, organization and a team of people who understand how to execute an idea, and how to regroup and pivot when things don’t go according to plan. Be honest, vulnerable and present to your active forces in the field but far from flawless Mavatar CEO and co-founder, Susan Akbarpourparticipates in numerous speaking engagements so mCart community recognize the face behind the brand, understand her vision and goal for leveraging blockchain, giving them the chance to learn, doubt and participate as early adopters who are crucial to help her product to cross the chasm.
  3. Keep the conversation going by increasing visibility on all fronts.Because new ICOs are always vying for the attention of potential investors, it’s vital to keep the conversation going — if you won’t, no one else will! Utilize social media for company news and announcements, but also keep the conversation going in the arenas that most benefit ICO where early adopters of your product and token frequent. Bitcointalk, Telegram and Medium have proven to be the go-to social platform of choice for crypto aficionados. A Telegram community may be small, but if it has active participants mainly developers who are asking technical questions and eager to learn about the product as well as ICO and most importantly plug your smart contract in Github: it’s a community worth having. Think of quality over quantity. Most important are community members who are able to spread the word about your product in the crypto community. Once you’re making the efforts listed above, the greater crypto community or early majority feel trust in the ICO and organically spread the word. The media makes it seem everyone and anyone is getting in on ICOs, but the truth is it’s still a niche. Worldwide, there are only 20,000 to 200,000 bitcoin millionaires. Reaching out to “Late Majority and Laggard” investors is becoming crucial to the ICO market. Your token customers and real users should be able to benefit from your high bonus presale and conduct their due diligence and recognize you as worthy ICO. They will unlikely be speculators who drop their hands right after your token gets released. Instead of spending our private sale resources on multi-bitcoin banner ads and paid rankings, we utilize our base. Our future customers who need to buy mCart tokens to run the next-gen of branded influence marketing campaigns. mCart was chosen as one of only 25 technologies to be showcased at the Innovative Exchange Concept this May at RECon2018. This major conference for commercial real estate professionals will show the exciting ways mCart will reinvent the in-store shopping experience for consumers. An active CEO, a team who communicates in a timely manner and active contribution to events and conferences are all smart ways to keep the conversation going.

Let People Know The People Behind Your ICO

Now is the time to push your ICO in the appropriate spaces. Ultimately, it’s the humans behind the brand that give people the confidence they need to invest. People who bring to the market an innovative product that can easily be integrated into an existing industry are armed with overcoming the challenges of marketing an ICO. Read mCart White Paper to understand how mCart will disrupt retail’s old model and bring shoppers back into brick-and-mortar stores and simultaneously give influencers what they earn with full transparency.

This originally appeared as a contributor post for Crypto Invest Summit on their own site.

3 Retail Real Estate Notes From ICSC RECon

We’re back from ICSC RECon, where the mCart shoppable wall drew plenty of attention for Innovation Concepts according the ICSC report. There were a few comments we repeatedly heard from mall and shopping center owners, which means others may share the same concerns. Read on to learn more about mCart and the impression made at ICSC RECon.

mCart by Mavatar is a turnkey solution for retailers who want offer a true omnichannel experience to their shoppers.
  1. “Where would this Shoppable Wall go in my mall?” This question was posed time and time again by mall owners and management. They wanted to know where the mCart shoppable wall could go in their shopping centers. mCart shoppable wall as-a-service can easily work in different spaces including a recessed wall, or a smaller wall of varying proportions can be made to order. mCart is web-based, so it works on any existing touch screen you have. The QR code allows you to place your “phygital” mall anywhere on the web or in-person.  The mCart team is happy to work with mall and shopping center owners to understand their design requirements and to best accommodate their shoppers.
  2. “This is where things are going.” mCart omnichannel experience enables retailers to capitalize on social and traditional media and online engagement revolving around products at their local mall. Property managers understand it’s time to make a push towards “phygital” shopping that services customers whether they’re at the mall or not. mCart does just that.
  3. “So they can search products from all of our stores….?” Brand loyalty is dying and shoppers want options, ability to process information faster  and accessibility more than anything else. mCart as-a- service showcases not only all of a malls’ products in one place but also allows the brands’ influencers to create featured mCarts to promote. Shoppers get inspired and search, filter and sort your mall’s inventory quickly, create mCarts and send them to store’s sales reps for picking up or trying out. Because of mCart, the shopper who typically shops the same three stores in your mall now ventures into other retailers because they are able to see similar products from other stores using mCart. This improves conversion for other tenants because it exposes shoppers to products they would not have seen without the mCart platform.

Did you see us at ICSC and have questions about our omnichannel technology? Feel free to email us or reach out to us on Twitter

Remember whitelabel means your shopping center’s own logo appears on the shoppable wall, which means shoppers have a comfortable experience with your omnichannel efforts.

mCart enables retailers to create your Amazon+Pinterest + Uber for retail sales and make 100 of million dollars from your integrated affiliate sales.  

How Does GDPR Impact Advertising And E-Commerce?

This article originally appeared in Forbes by Mavatar CEO, Susan Akbarpour

Seven years ago, I predicted that the era of push advertising was over. With GDPR on the horizon, Zuckerberg testifying in Congress and Facebook users questioning their loyalty, the turning point seems closer than ever.

For you, like most consumers, the act of searching, using a third-party plugin or signing up on a site to buy products or read news might be a no-brainer. But the simple truth is some of those forms you fill out can further cement the sale of your soul to the devil and introduce the ubiquitous use of your data in ways you may not want or understand.

The cookies inserted in your browser can send your data to a common pool for anyone who can afford to bid on you so they can target you with tons of ads. Try an experiment: Erase the cookies from your browser and wait a few minutes. The malicious ones all come back, sometimes before your eyes. Persistent cookies sound shady because they are. And it’s happening despite the fact that respawning cookies is frowned upon in most cases by the FTC and DAA.

 If you could translate some of the gibberish, you’d see that some of those deceitful publishers and advertisers even admit wrongdoing in the fine print buried deep in the terms and conditions of their websites, which is an inadequate practice against consumers.

For years, the advertising industry’s bad actors have been getting away with this behavior. As a result, consumers are overwhelmed and wary of advertisements that are chasing them everywhere, and advertisers waste 60% of their advertising dollars. But now, the EU is choosing to crack down on iniquitous practices in its new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines, which will make this ubiquitous form of advertising impossible. With it, EU users regain control over their data by obtaining the right to access their data, object to data processing and the right to be “forgotten.”

As of May 2018, the GDPR is set to not only impact European data security but also many businesses around the world.

Credit: Pexels

How Will GDPR Affect U.S. Businesses?

According to Article 3 of the GDPR, if you collect personal data or behavioral information from a person in an EU country, your company is subject to the requirements of the GDPR. For U.S. companies, this means you can’t ask your European consumers to subscribe to a research study and then send product advertisements to them, and you can’t push ads based on their search history.

Businesses must also provide transparency to users in clear language — specifically, what you will be doing with their IP and email addresses, phone numbers and other personal data. Leveraging sensitive data related to medical or financial records or identifiers associated with children requires notification of an EU regulator or other relevant authority within 72 hours. Companies choosing not to report a breach within 72 hours may face the cost of 2% of its global revenue.

Lose Your Cookies?

While cookies are only mentioned briefly in the GDPR, under Recital 30, it’s an important update and requires robust opt-in consent. Basically, the EU has made it clear that if you’re using cookies, it knows you are collecting personal data. To stay compliant with the GDPR, you will either have to abandon the practice or obtain consent from your customers.

Surviving GDPR

Making matters more complicated is the massive shortage of GDPR-compliant advertising platforms available on the market right now. And unfortunately, this doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon, as many programmatic advertising technology providers, ad and affiliate networks are clinging to phony marketing metrics like cost per click (CPC), click-through rates, cost per thousand (CPM) and more — all of which rely on cookies.

They’re hanging onto these metrics because they don’t know how else to proceed. The system they have been relying on for years — scamming countless organizations in the process — just hit a brick wall called GDPR. These companies simply aren’t built for change. They are too vested to cannibalize themselves.

GDPR Killed Cookies, Now What?

User-generated advertising, such as influencer marketing or sponsored content on consumer-facing sites, has the potential to grow exponentially. Why? The consumer-centric nature is aligned with the needs and trust of today’s shoppers and advertisers because it puts the consumers in the driver’s seat. If consumers are compelled enough, they would make a purchase and the influencers would get paid for that sale. It would be much more cost-effective for advertisers to share a percentage of the revenue with influencers than paying multiple intermediaries for producing noise that may not catch the attention of shoppers.

For the last seven years, my team and I have been doing something similar — developing groundbreaking consumer-centric technologies reliant on user-generated advertising and scaling influencer marketing. Our goal has always been to empower consumers, allowing them to create personal, store-agnostic mCarts (shopping carts), add content and media and share them with others. They get paid if any of those items get sold. We just added a blockchain layer to allow retailers to reward influencers for promoting products and reward shoppers for verifying their transactions in one decentralized network. There’s no need for ad networks, affiliate networks or other middlemen.

Retails and advertisers are trying to understand how blockchain can help them. Blockchain can bring more transparency to advertising, not simply scale the phony metrics and malfunctions dominating the programmatic space. Blockchain is here to disrupt antiquated attribution models, remove bad actors and middlemen as well as excess fees from the landscape. The goal of innovative, next-gen solutions must make advertising much more consumer-centric and transparent for shoppers and influencers, while also making it more secure, transparent and profitable for advertisers.

While GDPR and DAA may sound adversarial at first glance, they can spark innovation and a fresh start for much-needed consumer-centric advertising.

Mavatar CEO breaks down what ICOs shouldn’t do at Crypto Invest Summit in LA

Mavatar CEO Susan Akbarpour spoke at Crypto Invest Summit in LA discussing ICO marketing. It’s a hot topic that continues to gain traction because of the ICO news in terms of the SEC possible reaction and unspoken forthcoming regulations.

Where does the SEC stand on ICOs right now?

While those who only read headlines will tout ICOs getting shut down left and right, the SEC Commissioner just told CNBC this past weekend that the goal isn’t to get rid of ICOs or prevent them from flourishing but protecting investors who don’t know how to assess the difference between legitimate investments and fraud.

Mavatar CEO Susan Akbarpour spoke on the panel at Crypto Invest Summit.

mCart token eliminates backend hassle

While those who only read headlines will tout ICOs getting shut down left and right, the SEC Commissioner just told CNBC this past weekend that the goal isn’t to get rid of ICOs or prevent them from flourishing but protecting investors who don’t know how to assess the difference between legitimate investments and fraud.

Susan has spoken before on the importance of content and influence marketing around ICOs and specially viable tokens — the token that are filling a void. She pressed that original and genuine content and storytelling always sell, “Your story is your product and company’s vision; people resonate with that. You don’t have to rely on phony metrics of CPM, CTR and CPC and paying a few bitcoins for a banners ad at the homepage of a website that didn’t even exist a few months ago.”

She also explained how the mCart token is a viable token because it facilitate millions of real -time micro payments for paying influencers leveraging blockchain. She again pressed that as an entrepreneur she rather share the upside with developer investors in her ICO who poke Mavatar on Github and are genuinely excited about the innovation rather than accredited investors who are only investing on the company for the sake on investment

We had a great response on Twitter, namely stating how easy Susan makes it to understand ICO and blockchain. To paraphrase, Susan said if you’re an ICO and hiding something, you’re doing something wrong — the same logic she uses with her teenage daughter.

Susan said what many in Silicon Valley think: we need to get back to developers as investors. The crowd cheered when she made this statement because it contributes to more innovation and viable products.

How To Make It Easy For Influencers To Trust You

When it comes to influencer marketing, it’s integral stores and brands understand how to appeal to the trendsetters they want spreading their message. Make it easy for influencers to trust you with branded affiliate marketing that’s simple to digest.

mCart by Mavatar allows retailers, stores and brands to create their own branded affiliate marketing.

Who Can Influencers Trust?

Influencers cast a wide net of revenue and know social sharing is the tactic that’s making money around the clock. As a retailer or brand, you can capitalize on this by creating a trustworthy relationship with the influencer that begins with blockchain.

Blockchain offers total transparency for the retailer and the influencer. The retailer is easily able to identify where products were placed and how many purchases happened because of the recommendation.

Influencers Get Data Unlike Ever Before

Influencers can see the same, which means for the first time ever, content creators will see the hard numbers that are a result of their opinions and recommendations in their respective communities This model also enables shoppers to be part of the rewards system and gives them the option to share data willingly.

When a retailer immediately offers transparency to the influencer it creates an immediate sense of trust for a lasting relationship, increasing retention rate. The influencer has no reason to go through a third party agency or affiliate network in order to navigate the financial end of their relationship with the retailer.

More $$$ For Influencers, Publishers AND Retailers

This results in a bigger cut of the profit for both retailers and influencers. Blockchain makes this possible and scales to million of influencers to promote retailers’ products instead of limiting influencers to celebrities and Internet personalities. This will become the preferred way stores work with content creators for an authentic relationship that carries genuine appeal to consumers.

The C-Commerce Checklist For Retailers

C-Commerce stands for consumer-centric, contextual, crypto, collaborative and connected commerce. Learn more about the future of retail by joining the conversation on Twitter #HeyRetail and on our Reddit page.

The future of retail encompasses the C-Commerce approach. #HeyRetail

Is your store C-Commerce-ready?

  1. Consumer-Centric — C-Commerce makes the most of every marketing effort, whether it’s in-store, print, digital media, influencer marketing or branded content. Cater to your core consumer in every facet for continuity in the consumer’s mind.
  2. Contextual — Does your marketing happen in the context in which it’s most effective? Are you a beauty brand doing most of your marketing on Facebook, while the organic community is buzzing about new products on Twitter and Instagram? Ensure your marketing is in context with your core consumer. Enable influencers with user-friendly tools and they will do this work for you thanks to social sharing.
  3. Crypto — It’s here and it works for retailers and influencers because it is easy, low cost and fast. Utilizing crypto, retailers have a bevy of new and exciting ways to pay influencers, reward loyal shoppers and retail both entities in their ecosystem of the brand. A viable token will create the repetition, ease and access your core consumer wants to be apart of. Remember your core consumer is already shopping with you — crypto allows them to do it more often.
  4. Collaborative — Collaborative efforts are hot because they give everyone involved the opportunity for extended marketing reach. Collaborations open a brand to new audiences, giving you the disruption needed to gain an edge if you are a traditional retailer whose digital marketing efforts have been difficult to execute. Because people are communicating and connecting differently, your core consumer has changed — it is only a matter if are you willing to change with them?
  5. Connected Commerce — Everyone’s an influencer and we aren’t saying that from a jaded marketing perspective. Right now, Grandma is chatting about a new pet food on Facebook, your nephew is showing off his new sneakers on Instagram and your co-worker is ranting about her incorrect coffee shop order….again. Connected Commerce means the way people are exposed to products and the way they communicate about them greatly affects buying power. Seeing a product is no longer enough. Consumers want to see other people with the product and only C-Commerce allows them to do that.

3 Signs Of An ICO You Can Trust

Having two hats of investor and entrepreneur helped our CEO, Susan Akbarpour to quickly develop an eye for spotting legit ICOs, based on what she and her team learned in the process of introducing the mCart token.

mCart fuels the future of retail and influencer marketing with technology that allows stores to seamlessly adapt to blockchain.

mCart Token can be the benchmark of a token with a clear utility for three main reasons:

Years of R&D.

The Blockchain buzz has been in swing for a couple of years now and since then, we’ve seen many ICOs creep into the scene claiming to be the next Bitcoin. What makes mCart different in a sea of ICO options is the years of R&D on the underlying technology that backs the token.

First developed as a common research on “New Advertising Models’ effects on User privacy” by Stanford Graduate School of Business and Computer Science PHD students Susan Akbarpour and Panos Papadimitriou, later joined by Brom Mahbod, another CS PhD, and Oracle veteran, Mavatar became a platform for consumer-centric commerce and user generated advertising. A timely vision with a solid team and execution plan which now after 7 years with the emergence of GDPR and regulations alike seems a necessary shift for the survival of advertising industry.

mCart platform as-a-service closes the gap between online and offline shopping, sales and advertising and scale the effective and highly popular influence marketing to the extent of making all other phony advertising models irrelevant.

Influencer marketing continues to grow becoming a primary source for many shoppers. 70% of Instagram shoppers purchase something they see crop up on the app and 96% of U.S.-based fashion brands have an Instagram account, making it the lead social sharing platform that drives shoppers to buy.

A token with clear utility.

mCart platform established a groundbreaking momentum for influence marketing, however the scalability of this model could not fit in old models of payment systems. Adding blockchain layer and tokenization of the mCart platform was the last step and is the innovative take for removing the back office bottleneck of rewarding this next-gen sales force!

An Uber for shopping, driven by mCarts that make every Instagram post, magazine article and movie shoppable. User-generated, smart, omnichannel mCarts incentives data they need to shorten their decision journey while simultaneously giving influencers the power and transparency needed to be appropriately compensated for their hand in a brand or store’s success with social audiences.

And this is while they can help advertisers to track every marketing dollars to sales dollars! mCart ICO funds a token that fills a hole in the market and a disruption that solves a real problem.

A reputable team of innovators, investors and advisors.

With so many ICOs crowding the market, with seemingly-legitimate websites and teams, sorting scam vs. legitimate seems an impossible mission. A recent supposed-ICO raised 830k under the guise that actor Ryan Gosling was involved with the project and what seemed like a healthy team of advisors.

These so-called advisors ended up being lifted pics from the web with fake names. There was no White Paper for the ICO, but what raised a red flag was the fact that the advisors were not verifiable. mCart by Mavatar has a team of reputable advisors with countless years in the retail and technology sectors, bringing the best of each industry to the innovative approach for this ICO.

These are professionals who’ve seen how technology has changed the landscape of commerce and advertising, creating a new space for mCart to disrupt these industries in a way that is scalable and transparent for all parties involved. The range of knowledge and innovation our board brings to the table speaks volumes of the long term power of mCart by Mavatar.

Years of research and development, a consistent ecosystem for a real product and a reputable team of innovators, investors and advisors all make for a trustworthy ICO worth being involved with. This method empowers investors and allows them to make the distinction between a fly-by-night operation and a trusted company with a high-powered innovative team. Remember that a slick website or a social media presence isn’t enough to translate to a reputable ICO that funds a legit product and vision.

Do your homework and understand the intentions of the ICO and the business plan attached for true growth over time. This is how investors treat conventional portfolios, so why not apply the same common sense and checks-and-balances system to choosing an ICO?

mCart by Mavatar exceeds these expectations and offers our White Paper in five languages. TrackICO ranks mCart a 5, the maximum rank they offer. Know what an ICO is doing and their plan of action for the long haul to maximize crypto investments. Learn more about the mCart token presale happening now — it’s ICO you can trust.

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