Mavatar Received the IMA “Disrupter of the Year Award” in IMPACT17

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Silicon Valley start-up takes on establishment, pushing consumer–centric & 360 commerce

Menlo Park – Sept. 28, 2017 – Mavatar received the prestigious IMPACT17 Disrupter of the Year Award in recognition of its innovative its B2B Software Solution; “Decentralized Retail Marketing Attribution Protocol and the State of Art Underlying Technology” at the Internet Marketing Association (IMA) annual awards celebration held on Sept. 29, 2017 in Las Vegas.

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“The IMPACT17 Awards exemplify best-in-class creativity, expertise and results achieved by the top practitioners of internet marketing across every business segment,” said IMA Chairman Sinan Kanatsiz. “IMA is a unique resource for top professionals and disruptive technology companies such as Mavatar. Our fundamental goal is to build the leadership that will continue to drive this dynamic industry.”

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Sinan Kanatsiz, Susan Akbarpour and Kai kanatsiz

Mavatar’s Marketplace-as-a-Service platform helps enterprise customers compete effectively with centralized marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. Customers can use the white label platform to create omnichannel branded marketplaces and enable hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide to shop directly from publications, social media, broadcast media, and brick and mortar stores. The platform powers innovative, social shopping experiences for consumers, and sophisticated attribution tracking for brands.

Mavatar enables enterprise customers to:

  • deliver the ultimate shopping experience to their marketplaces’ shoppers, closing the gap between online and offline
  • enable millions of influencers to monetize professional and crowd sourced content at a click of a button
  • turn shopping carts, social posts, magazine articles, videos, TV shows and real world events into powerful sales tools
  • leverage sales, marketing and advertising tools to track marketing dollars to sales dollars
  • track attribution far more effectively than affiliate network platforms like LinkShare and Commission Junction.
  • minimize technology integration hassles with a turnkey cloud platform

“Consumers’ expectations for relevant and engaging advertising content is higher than ever,” said Mavatar co-founder and CEO, Susan Akbarpour. “They deserve transparency and value. They are ready for the ultimate model of PULL advertising! It’s in the best interest of the advertisers and publishers to work together and drive sales of established retailers’ best products to consumers.”

Influence marketing has proven effective. Over 80% of marketers who undertook influencer campaigns in 2016 found them effective for driving engagement and awareness, according to CNN, Dept. of Labor Stats and eMarketer. Business Insider reports that affiliate commissions are now the fastest-growing income source for publishers, comprising 15% of their revenues. Forrester Research estimates a compound annual growth rate for affiliate marketing spend of 10% through 2020. The category is now responsible for 16% of e-commerce sales, putting it on par with email marketing and ahead of social commerce and display advertising as a driver of e-commerce transactions.

However, serious problems have emerged. Affiliate network malpractice of directing traffic to “favorite nation” publishers is contributing to a drastic margin of error in attribution reporting – ranging from 40% to 85%. This destroys the top of the marketing funnel as influencers, whose content drives transactions, lose rewards and incentive to continue.

“It’s been over a century since John Wanamaker, the father of modern advertising, complained that he knew half of his advertising dollars were wasted … he just didn’t know which half.” said Akbarpour. “According to Proxima, 60% of digital marketing spend is still wasted and $37 billion of worldwide marketing budgets are squandered on poor marketing performance. The lack of verifiable data, transparency and the potential presence of bad actors (such as last click highjackers) has created a broken system where each party must fend for themselves. Influencers are incentivized to claim contribution to every sale. Advertisers are incentivized to dispute sales commissions, which often have multiple intermediaries claiming payment for the same transaction. Shoppers are frustrated by outrageous push advertising that captures personal information and delivers spam in the name of analytics. With AI, beacons, spyware and potentially invasive IoT devises like Alexa, consumers are now getting instant mobile notification of diet pills for sale the minute they step into an Italian restaurant.”

“Mavatar will soon combine a decentralized CPA Attribution Protocol and advanced blockchain technology with a planned ICO in November”, said Shayan Zadeh, Mavatar Executive Chairman. This, along with the company’s fresh approach to “universal cart and Influence Marketing,” helps to address the lack of transparency and trust in the retail marketing value chain.

Mavatar Marketplace-as-a-Service creates a win-win situation for all of these main constituencies of the commerce ecosystem and eliminates bad actors. This turnkey marketplace solution creates a more transparent, sustainable and inclusive community.


The IMPACT17 event also offered an extraordinary array of high-impact keynote presentations, breakout sessions and panels on topics across the spectrum of Internet marketing, Startup and Pitch Challenge, Women Leaders Group and a reception at the Intrigue ultra-lounge at Wynn Resort.

Mavatar CEO, Susan Akbarpour, will also speak on “cCommerce” which elaborates on Commerce at convergence of data and media. She also is one of the Impact 2017 Pitch session where early stage startups pitch to an audience of C-level executives, digital marketers and investors.


 About Mavatar Technologies Inc., Mavatar is a Silicon Valley based company, backed by legendary investors, such as Phil Schlein, Paul Deneve, Chris Kelly, Steve Westly, Jeff Moore among other luminaries. Mavatar Marketplace-as-a-Service solution operates at the convergence of technology and media in commerce, equipped with actionable analytical and CRM solutions for enabling decentralized and omnichannel commerce.

Mavatar digital presence products include a suite of cloud-based tools and state of the art user interfaces integrated with a full suite of proprietary products such as SCP (shoppable content publishing) platform, Smart and social mCart, OmniChannel Sales and Marketing solutions, shoppable walls and integrated with major third party tools including Google analytics, Facebook, Pyze and other platforms to provide a turnkey solution to its enterprise customers.

Mavatar white labels these solutions for large digital and traditional media and networks, manufactures, procurement departments, telecos, chain retailers, shopping centers, etc. allowing them to monetize their influence, content and stake in top retailer’ product sales.

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