September 12, 2019 2:22 pm

Kickstarting the Global Influencer Platform

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When you inspire your cousin to buy the coffee maker you saw at from Macy’s you should get a commission from Macy’s! 

When you spot a jacket in a movie, google search and find it at Neiman Marcus, the producer, celebrity and network and all other parties involved should get a commission from Neiman when you buy it!

Everyone and every entity—from micro to macro, to mega influencers—should get a commission for their influence on people purchasing anything.

Mavatar has launched its Kickstarter campaign for the Global Influencer Platform to help these people and organizations track their influence to sales and receive direct compensation for it.

What is the Global Influence Platform? 

The Global Influence platform connects influencers to the network of mCart marketplaces, aggregating millions of products from the top retailers that shoppers know and trust. The platform serves as a single home for influencers to monetize their influence on social media and in the physical world and to promote their content across the whole mCart network. mCart marketplace operators also use the Global Influencer Platform to recruit influencers.

The Global Influencer Platform and mCart are capturing the power of influence marketing, which returns $6.50 for every campaign dollar spent and is projected to be a $6.8 billion dollar industry by 2020, growing 10.1% annually between 2015 and 2020. 

From the Global Influencer Platform, influencers can add their stories to curated shopping carts (mCarts) they are creating in these marketplaces and share the link (URL or QR code) of the mCart using  this novel and powerful system with others in traditional and social media, video or even physical places. 


A Wireframe of the Global Influencer Dashboard.

It also provides one control panel or personal dashboard for the influencers to track their performance within the network of mCart marketplaces in one place easily and transparently in real time.

Influencers can gain followers and see their sales ramp up quickly—it’s the UBER for retail sales! 

The mCart Shop-able Content Publishing Platform allows creators to track the sales of their mCarts within major marketplaces that are run by major entreprises and receive a 1-20% commission depending the participant retailers and marketplaces agreement.

These agreements are set in stone on blockchain smart contracts, and therefore transparent and unchangeable for everyone within the ecosystem.

Want to join the mCart Global Influencer Platform? Apply Here!

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You can sign up to be a Global Influencer today here.

Completing the mCart Puzzle

We’ve already built the mCart omnichannel marketplace and affiliate sales PaaS, and now we’re adding the Global Influencer Platform to add the last piece to the mCart puzzle. 

Once influencers are accepted to the Global Influencer, they will become part of the mCart Global Influencer Network. The Network is a distributed salesforce that is incentivized to promote products in the content they’re already creating. 

Together, we can create a new paradigm for shopping, sales, and advertising, end junk mails and build a greener world, leveraging influencer marketing on the Global Influencer Platform.

Contribute to the Kickstarter Campaign Today

Why should you support the Global Influencer Platform? Because you’re an influencer too!

80% of Americans seek recommendations before making a purchase, which makes all of us influencers!

Influencers can be anyone—from everyday people to social media influencers with 10,000s of followers, to celebrities with millions of adoring fans, or to a TV network or magazine with hundreds of millions of viewers and readers. 

You deserve to get paid for your influence on shoppers. Those shoppers deserve to not be shadowed, targeted with ads or lose their personal data in auctions. And the retail industry deserves not to get its money wasted with high rates of bot-generated traffic and CTR on bogus ads.

To realize this vision, first we need to create the Global Influencer Platform. And to do that, we need your help. We are trying to raise $52,500 on Kickstarter to make the Global Influencer Platform & Network possible. 

We have some really great rewards prepared for you when you contribute at well like day-1 access to the platform, mCart collectibles and exclusive access to the Mavatar team. 

You can read more about the Global Influencer Platform and contribute today on our campaign page

Contribute today.

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