September 24, 2019 3:13 pm

The Investomer Mindset: Mavatar CEO to Speak at VC Fast Pitch San Francisco

Susan VC Fast Pitch

Warren Buffett once said said, “I am a better investor because I am a businessman, and I’m a better businessman because I’m an investor.”

Mavatar Co-Founder and CEO Susan Akbarpour truly believes and lives by this motto and has always offered unique views and approaches to ecosystems that she is involved with as investor/entrepreneur. She plans to share her coined “Investomer” (investor/customer) mindset when she will speak on the investor panel at VC Fast Pitch Conference on Thursday, November 7. 

Being an Investomer

Susan has been putting her investomer philosophy in her work as the co-founder and CEO of Mavatar Technologies and a partner at Candou Ventures. In fact, Susan and her partners at Candou Ventures, Shahin Hedayat and Faraj Aalaei, two other successful serial entrepreneurs with multiple exits under their belts, have a unique  investment philosophy, which is being hands-on investors and not only a financial resource provider. 

Candou helps their portfolio companies and sometimes even entrepreneurs that are not an investment target for them to succeed in their goals to move to the next phase, productization, go to market, fundability, exit and more.  

Susan’s outside the box investment philosophy of leveraging her portfolio companies technologies in her venture, Mavatar, or investing in the solutions that her team found interesting and worked for Mavatar, has created a lucrative win-win situation for both Candou and Mavatar. 

She has turned Mavatar into the first customer and a testing lab for new technologies and Candou Ventures into a hands-on backer who can help even in streamlining the direction of the product of companies she invests in as an “Investomer.”

More on the Investomer Mindset at VC Fast Pitch

Here more about the Investomer mindset from Susan at VC Fast Pitch. The event will be held at San Francisco State’s University Downtown Campus between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM. VC Fast Pitch will provide the public the opportunity to pitch and network with VCs, angles and accredited investors. 

The event is hosted by Black Dog Venture Partners, which provides VC consulting to help startups get financing and engage in rapid growth in addition to investing itself. The San Francisco event is part of the VC Fast Pitch series, which holds events connecting investors and startups looking for funding around the country. 

Also speaking at the Investor Panel will be Black Dog Venture Partners CEO Scott Kelly, Privos Capital Chairman & CEO Dan Farrell, Golden Seeds Managing Director Marisa Alma McGinnis and more. 

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